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Video: Amateur Radio Astronomy – Filippo Bradaschia

2. Oktober 2014, Eric Benesch

Ein Vortrag in englischer Sprache von Dott. Filippo Bradaschia Ph. D. am Tag der offenen Tür 2014

Radio telescopes for amateur astronomers and radio astronomy introduction.

Filippo Bradaschia, founder of the italian company PrimaLuceLab, introduces the basics concepts of radio astronomy and presents the new innovation in remote sky monitoring technology: the SPIDER230 radio telescope. This is the first complete radio telescope designed to let user perform real radio astronomy, trouble free and with reliable performances. Spider230 radio telescope lets you record radio waves coming from space and convert them in radio-pictures!

In his presentation, Filippo covers various aspects of radio astronomy: history, radio waves physics, radio sources in the Universe and instruments to record radio waves coming from space. Since he’s referring to amateur astronomers, he simplify some concepts in order to make it more easily understandable and he makes several comparisons with optical astronomy.

Filippo Bradaschia has got the University degree in Geology and the PhD in Geomatic and Geospatial Science. For the last seven years he has been professionally engaged in the different scientific, technical and commercial sides of astronomy in general, and radio-astronomy in particular, acquiring a wide competence and knowledge of the systems and devices for space remote exploration (visual and radio).

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