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Officina Stellare Dall–Kirkham DK 400/2800 RiDK SGA OTA

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Marke: Officina Stellare

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Artikelbeschreibung des Herstellers:

Leider wurde diese Beschreibung bisher nicht ins Deutsche übersetzt, daher finden Sie an dieser Stelle eine englische Artikelbeschreibung.

The RiDK Range (Riccardi Dall-Kirkham) represents the new reference point for all modified Dall-Kirkham instruments available on the market. The unique experience and creativity of Massimo Riccardi, Chief Optical Designer at Officina Stellare, gives birth to a new class astrograph of superior performance and image quality.

The results are simply amazing: an optical system based on a spherical secondary mirror (then very easy to aling!) able to deliver minimum 70mm large corrected and flat field (depending from diameter) that with a polychromatic (range 400 to 750 nm) maximum 4 micron spot size at field edge! Since the corrector group is close to the focal plane, chromatic aberration is undetectable.

These outstanding optics are mounted inside the state of the art OS truss mechanics used in all the OS open tube architecture telescopes. The same mechanics approved and used from worldwide research institutes for professional studies, designed to be thermal stable versus temperature change.

The RiDK series is 100% Made in Italy. Optics are made in Occhiobello Plant under the strict quality control of Massimo Riccardi.

Unser Expertenkommentar:

The DK400/2800 comes with top and bottom Losmandy plates.

It needs a motorized secondary mirror focuser and OSBUS, which are not included in the scope of delivery.

As an additional option there are motorized shutters available also.

(Jan Ströher)

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