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BORG Apochromatischer Refraktor AP 107/417 FL PLUS OTA

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BORG Apochromatischer Refraktor AP 107/417 FL PLUS OTA
BORG Apochromatischer Refraktor AP 107/417 FL PLUS OTA
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Leider wurde diese Beschreibung bisher nicht ins Deutsche übersetzt, daher finden Sie an dieser Stelle eine englische Artikelbeschreibung.

This wonderful apochromatic refractor with fluorite optics offers an incredible f/3.9 focal ratio and it has a very large 55mm flat field to allow the use of cameras also equipped with very large sensors, even larger than Full Frame. The carbon tube makes the Borg fluorite 107FL f3.9 PLUS the more compact and lightweight 107mm apochromatic refractor on the market, very easy to transport!

The BORG fluorite apochromatic refractor 107FL f3.9 PLUS comes with Feather Touch focuser that offers high load capacity, great focusing precision (thanks to a convenient 1:10 fine focus knob) without backlash! The focuser has a rear manual rotator with a M57 thread to connect cameras by adding the proper photographic adapter.

In order to do astrophotography you can use both DSLR cameras and cooled cameras with the Borg fluorite apochromatic refractor 107FL f3.9 PLUS. The requested backfocus (the working distance from the sensor in order to have the best performance) is 60mm from the M57 thread on the rear of the rotator (if you want, you can even remove the rotator and have a M68.8 thread with a back focus of 80mm).

If you want to use a DSLR camera, you need to add the photo adapter and one of the M49.8 photo adapters with the bayonet of the different DSLR cameras manufacturers. By connecting the DSLR camera with these adapters, the camera sensor will automatically be at the perfect backfocus.

If you want to use a cooled CCD or CMOS camera, you need to add the M57-T2 photographic adapter that converts the M57 thread in the rotator to an universal T2 male thread. From this T2 thread the backfocus will be 55mm and, since most of the cooled cameras have a lower backfocus (unless you use also filter wheels or off axis guider), you need to add a T2 extension tube.

Borg fluorite apochromatic refractor comes with the PLUS (Prima Luce Universal System) rings, aluminum, made with high precision CNC machines. This gives you maximum freedom in connecting other mechanical accessories (dovetail plates, guide rings, dovetail clamps) always with simple M6 screws and with 2 screws for every element (to avoid flexures).


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