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Orion Schutzhülle für 12"-16" Dobson Teleskope

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Please note: This text is taken directly from the manufacturer.
The Orion Scope Cloak Telescope Cover is an affordable and easy to use cover that protects your equipment from dust, dirt, dew, and sunlight. Large aperture Dobsonian reflector telescopes of 12 "to 16" aperture can easily be kept clean and tidy with this Scope Cloak. Keep your telescope ready for viewing in your garage, shed, or home observatory without worrying about dust and dirt contamination. Orion's Scope Cloak is a high-tech tear-resistant and water-resistant material that keeps your eyes free. The highly reflective exterior surface rejects solar radiation, keeping your telescope cool when left in sunlight and reducing "cool-down time" (the amount of time required for your telescope to reach thermal equilibrium after nightfall). The Scope Cloak Telescope Cover avoids dust form contaminating telescope optical surfaces, reducing the need to perform delicate and dirty cleaning procedures. A handy locking drawstring provides a snug fit once installed on your telescope. The Orion Scope Cloak Telescope Cover for 12 "-16" Dobsonian Reflector Telescopes is designed for temporary outdoor use and is not intended for permanently unsheltered outdoor storage. A mobile nylon carrying pouch is included.

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