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PegasusAstro Motor Focus Kit v1 Celestron C11

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PegasusAstro Motor Focus Kit v1 Celestron C11
PegasusAstro Motor Focus Kit v1 Celestron C11
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Focus accurate and fast your Celestron SCT telescope using PegasusAstro's powerful motor focus kit SCT.

This high resolution geared box has a 0,06 degree step size can can easily lift more than 6 kg (per cm). Its high torque is suitable for lifting heavy imaging equipment. Moreover motor’s gearbox has a low backlash which can easily tuned using backlash compensation in imaging software. An RJ45 socket pinout can be easily converted to a compatible pinout with Moonlite and Robofocus controllers.

Pulley and Belt design allows the motor to stay away from your filter wheel (and not collide with it) when you use a focal reducer. Its sophisticated bracket design can fit to all Celestron SCTs

Inside the box:

  • High resolution geared stepper motor (Step Angle 7.5, Deg 120, Gear Ration 1:120).
  • Blue Aluminium Anodised Bracket for Celestron SCT Telescopes
  • 20cm 2GT Timing Belt
  • 13 mm Pulley 2GT (6”,8”,9.25”) or 22mm Pulley 2GT (11”, 14” Celestron)
  • Bolts

Note: You will need a stepper controller to drive the motor. We recommend PegasusAstro Steuerung für Fokussiermotor DMFC. Alternatively, you can control this motor with the PegasusAstro Ultimate Powerbox v2 Hub (additional RJ45 to RJ45 cable required).

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