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Astronomy For Dummies

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  • Learn fascinating facts about the Moon and planets
  • Explore the latest astronomical discoveries
  • Tour the Milky Way and beyond


Embark on your own personal journey into the night sky. Stardate: Today!

Ever catch yourself staring up at the night sky and wondering just what the heck is out there? While no one book can answer all your questions, Astronomy For Dummies will take you on a tour through the Milky Way (and beyond!) that describes some of the most fascinating objects in the universe.

This book comes complete with online access to chapter quizzes and downloadable full-color astronomical photos of our universe, as well as easy-to-follow explanations of the eye-popping wonders and gorgeous interstellar objects that populate our solar system, galaxy, and universe. You’ll find:

  • Brand-new star charts for the northern and southern hemispheres, as well as descriptions of the latest tech tools for amateur astronomers
  • Lists of the most recently discovered exoplanets, exomoons, and exocomets hurtling through the cosmos
  • The latest timelines for dazzling solar events and maps to the best places to see them live and in-person

Filled with discussions of the biggest and greatest new breakthroughs and an 8-page color insert packed with unbelievable, full-color photographs, Astronomy For Dummies is a can’t-miss book that will ignite a passion for understanding the mysteries of the universe in children and adults alike!

The author Stephen P. Maran, PhD, is former Assistant Director of Space Sciences for Information and Outreach at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

The author Richard Tresch Fienberg, PhD, is former Editor in Chief of Sky & Telescope magazine.

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Stephen P. Maran, Richard T. Fienberg
John Wiley & Sons Astronomy For Dummies


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