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AstroReality Reliefglobus LUNAR Mini

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AstroReality Reliefglobus LUNAR Mini
AstroReality Reliefglobus LUNAR Mini
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LUNAR Mini: The Moon has captivated the human imagination throughout history. Though it is ever present, there is so little we know. LUNAR Mini brings the Moon closer and all of our stargazing dreams into reality. The AstroReality LUNAR Model is not only a scientific marvel and stunning piece of craftsmanship, it’s also an almost infinite source of knowledge and fun. Despite its size, every crater, sea, and dead volcano on LUNAR Mini is expertly crafted. It has a diameter of 30 millimeters and allows you to explore the Moon with your fingertips at a scale of 1:120,000,000. Your fingers can feel the replicated bumps, craters and landscape.

Cutting Edge Augmented Reality: From comprehensive information about the Moon's most iconic landmarks and missions to little-known trivia, LUNAR's Augmented Reality app weaves together an unparalleled way to experience the Moon, in your hands, and through your smartphone. The app displays a virtual space scene integrating the sun and the Earth in relative spatial position from where you placed LUNAR Mini and shows the galaxy as the background.

Craftsmanship: Using the most accurate industrial 3D printing technology available today, LUNAR is modeled to 0.006 millimeters per pixel precision, based on data captured by NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Smallest LUNAR model: Learn more about the moon and explore it like never before with the smallest LUNAR model available. Despite its miniature size, the technology and expert craftsmanship will bring the moon to life while you hold it in your fingertips. It’s suitable for space lovers of all ages.

The Perfect Set: The 3cm LUNAR Mini is the ideal match for the 3cm AstroReality Solar System Mini Set. Make it a complete to get up close with the moon and explore the solar system.

AstroReality has the mission to inspire as many space lovers as they can and help to awaken and educate a new generation of astronomy enthusiasts through the power of technology.

Die App zeigt eine virtuelle Weltraumumgebung. Sonne und Erde werden in ihrer Position relativ zum LUNAR Mini dargestellt.

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