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Jumelles TS Optics 25x100 WP
Jumelles TS Optics 25x100 WP
Jumelles TS Optics 25x100 WP
Jumelles TS Optics 25x100 WP
Jumelles TS Optics 25x100 WP
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Description du produit :

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Giant binoculars for nature viewing and astronomy

These binoculars with largely dimensioned Porro prisms are high-performance binoculars for nature and animal viewing and a powerful instrument for astronomical observations. For taking the most of the high sharpness of these Porro binoculars, a photo tripod is recommended. The stable tripod adapter is already included.

  • Awesome binoculars for astronomy: The TS 25x100WP are wonderful binoculars for astronomical overviews. For example, the bright and contrasty image shows celestial objects rising behind trees in a distant forest - a magnificent sight. The 1.25" screw-in thread for nebula filters gives additional contrast when viewing emission nebulae. Thus impressive astronomical obervations are possible even close to towns, as nebula filters filter out artifical stray light. Simply screw the filters into the threads of the eyepieces.
  • Nature and twilight viewing: With their 25x magnification, the giant binoculars bring even the most distant subjects right up close, and with relaxed binocular viewing, you often recognize more details than by using a spotting scope. Even under extreme circumstances, like in the woods or during twilight, the images stays bright and contrasty. Spectacular animal obervations even from great distances become possible.
  • The powerful optics: With 100 mm lens diameter, these optics gather 204x more light than the human eye. With its 4 mm exit pupil, the binoculars offer a bright and contrasty image. All optical surfaces are fully multi-coated and offer high light transmission. Through internal blackening and oversized BaK4 prisms, reflexes are successfully avoided. With this, the binoculars are very well suited for daytime observations, too.
  • The solide mechanics: The TS 25x100WP has a stabilising center bar. To this bar, an extra stable tripod adapter is attached. With this, the connection to every common photo tripod is possible. Focusing is done via precise individual eyepiece focusing which also ensures the correct diopter compensation.

The binoculars are ideal for outdoor use. A durable aluminum alloy is protected by a shock-absorbing rubber armouring. The splashproof interior is filled with nitrogen. Thereby, internal fogging of the optics is prevented, even in extremely humid weather.

In the box

  • 25x100 Binoculars
  • Integrated tripod adapter
  • Integrated 1.25" filter threads at the eyepieces
  • Lens cleaning cloth
  • transportation case
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