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Jumelles Steiner 8x22 Predator

N° d'article : 52202
Fabricant : Steiner

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Jumelles Steiner 8x22 Predator
Jumelles Steiner 8x22 Predator
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Description du produit :

Nous sommes le distributeur exclusif en Allemagne à pouvoir vous offrir ces jumelles de la prestigieuse marque STEINER, à prix fortement réduit.

Malheureusement, la description de l'article n'a pas encore été traduite en français, c'est pourquoi vous trouverez à la place une description en anglais.

The Steiner Predator Series was made for hunters who demand all-around capability in their optics - mobility without weight, ease of use and bright picture in any light. With its lightweight roof prism design, game-revealing CAT™ (color adjusted transmission) coatings and excellent low-light performance, this is the perfect choice for turkey hunters, bowhunters, black powder enthusiasts and anyone who hunts the early season or in heavy cover.

  • CAT™ Color Adjusted Transmission
    amplifies contrast in the peak human vision sensitivity range, to spot game in any environment.
  • Fast-Close-Focus
    central focusing wheel requires minimal rotation for quick, absolute sharpness from close up to infinity.
  • Lightweight Roof Prism Design
    has less bulk to fit in your pack and stay out of the way while hunting
  • Makrolon® housing
    is durable polycarbonate with NBR Long Life rubber armoring, creating a lightweight, rugged chassis that withstands 11 Gs of impact. Impervious to harsh conditions for generations of trusted use.

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