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MoonLite 48/49mm Filter FS-2

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Marke: MoonLite

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The new "above OTA filter slide/ install kit" is machined from aluminum and features a 4 position filter slide that holds 2" filters and comes with a new universal install kit designed to be mounted on the outside of the OTA. There are 2 sizes available for 8", 10" and 12" scopes. The install kit curve adapter is tapped on the bottom to match all the popular bolt hole patterns. It bolts to your OTA using bolts from the inside of the OTA. This allows the original holes to be used with out having to drill new holes to mount the install kit/ filter slide. The curved install kit and filter side is bolted to the OTA then the focuser is bolted to the top of the filter slide assembly. A 1" and 1/2" spacer is provide to adjust focuser height as required. The slide holds three 48/49mm filter positions and 1 oversize clear view position for barlows, etc that provide a smooth transition from filtered to non-filter view. No more unscrewing/screwing filters in and out of EPs in the dark. You can use 1 1/4" EP with 2" filters as well. MoonLite's CR1 and CR2 model focusers mount directly to the filter slide install kit. Please note that the short 1.5" travel draw tube option should be picked when ordering the focuser if the filter slide option is to be used. This will allow clearance for the draw tube when racked the whole way down so it will not hit the filter slide. The slide part can be removed from the holder for storage by removing one of the small stop bolts from one end of the slide. This enables it to be stored with the filters still screwed into the slide. Fits nicely in a cotton sock, then just store it in your EP case. Extra slides are available, please call if you need an extra slide.

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