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TeleVue Oculaire DeLite 9mm 1,25"

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TeleVue Oculaire DeLite 9mm 1,25"
TeleVue Oculaire DeLite 9mm 1,25"
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Description du produit :

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"I tried them with four scopes – a 12-inch f/4 Newtonian reflector fitted with Tele Vue’s Big Paracorr coma corrector, a 12-inch f/5 Dobsonian, a 4-inch f/5.4 apo refractor, and a classic 6-inch f/9 Newtonian.

As I’ve come to expect from all of Tele Vue’s eyepieces, the DeLites offered superb views. Stars appeared as pinpoints across the entire field; there wasn’t a hint of false color around even the brightest stars; and there was only a touch of pincushion distortion, meaning that round objects won’t stretch into ovals as you sweep them across the field. Daytime views were contrasty and without a trace of color fringes even at the borders of high-contrast objects such as power lines seen against a bright sky.

These are the features everyone looks for in a quality eyepiece, but the DeLites offered something more [...]. The DeLites are very easy to look through. You never get the feeling that you are struggling to get your eye perfectly aligned with the eyepiece."

Dennis di Cicco, Sky & Telescope Sept. 2015

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