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Orion Oculaire Lanthanum 4 mm 80° 1,25"

N° d'article : 54665
Fabricant : Orion

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Description du produit :

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Orion LHD eyepieces features an element of lanthanum glass which eliminates color-fringing and chromatic aberrations for true-color, high-contrast views of the cosmos with exceptional clarity.

The luxuriously wide 80° apparent field-of-view provides an almost panoramic viewing experience you must experience first-hand to fully appreciate. Views of everything from the Moon and planets to elusive deep-sky objects are impressively immersive in the fully multi-coated LHD Ultra-Wide Eyepiece.

All Orion LHD 80° Lanthanum Ultra-Wide Eyepieces are designed with viewing comfort in mind. All LHD eyepieces sport a large, 30mm-diameter eye lens to peer into for a relaxing experience. Each LHD eyepiece boasts a very long 20mm eye relief so you can see the entire 80° field comfortably. If you wear eyeglasses while stargazing, you can leave them on while using an Orion LHD eyepiece and still enjoy the full field-of-view without eye strain.

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