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3D Astronomy Jeu d'oculaires 3D- L-O-A 21 mm 1,25"

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3D Astronomy Jeu d'oculaires 3D- L-O-A 21 mm 1,25"
3D Astronomy Jeu d'oculaires 3D- L-O-A 21 mm 1,25"
3D Astronomy Jeu d'oculaires 3D- L-O-A 21 mm 1,25"
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Description du produit :

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Discover the third dimension!

The use of binoviewers or binoculars with interchangeable eyepieces allows an incomparable, three-dimensional view of the heavens. The surface of the Moon, planets, but also star clusters and other astronomical objects appear three-dimensional. It has been proved - and everyone can easily see this for themselves - that we simply see better when using both eyes. If you observe through an optical instrument with two eyes, viewing is more relaxed and you enjoy a brighter, higher contrast image. The brain also perceives colours on planets as more vibrant by processing the signals of both eyes.

These new eyepieces intensify the 3D effect drastically!

A built-in Lederman Optical Array (L-O-A) is used for this. This is an optical component developed by Russ Lederman and is used in one of the two eyepieces of the set. It consists of five square glass plates attached to the field lens. Both eyepieces are then used in bino-viewers or interchangeable eyepiece binoculars and provide a three-dimensional image. Slightly rotating of one of the eyepieces makes it possible to put the central part of the astronomical object either in the foreground or the background. How does this look? - read the product test, which you can find as a PDF under the "Downloads" tab.

The set consists of two eyepieces, which can be used in any binocular attachment or binoculars with a 1.25" connector.

The video shows the use of the eyepieces at a star party. Since, of course, no artificial light is allowed, we have no choice but to listen to the comments of the testers.

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