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ZWO Filtre IR passant 1,25"

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ZWO Filtre IR passant  1,25"
ZWO Filtre IR passant  1,25"
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Description du produit :

Malheureusement, la description de l'article n'a pas encore été traduite en français, c'est pourquoi vous trouverez à la place une description en anglais.

The IR Pass filter is designed to cut the visible frequencies and to let pass only the infrared ones to which our eyes are not sensitive: for this reason this is a filter for photographic application only.

IR Pass filters are generally used for astrophotography at a high magnification rate. In fact, in the infrared region of the spectrum, atmospheric turbulence is smaller than that in visible and this allows you to record smaller details (eg. the best pictures of Mars and the Moon are also taken in the infrared). Please note: you must use a special camera for infrared capture. In fact not all the cameras are sensitive to this wavelengths: generally the monochrome cameras are good and the color ones can't work well an IR Pass filter.

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