Monture Vixen Sphinx AXJ

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Monture Vixen Sphinx AXJ
Monture Vixen Sphinx AXJ
Monture Vixen Sphinx AXJ
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Description du produit :

This mount is identical to Monture Vixen Sphinx AXJ Starbook Ten GoTo, but comes without the Star Book Ten control. This option is therefore ideal if you already own the Star Book Ten.

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The new AXJ is one of Vixen’s range of Atlux giant mounts and has considerably more reserves than the smaller Sphinx SXD2: at 22kg the AXJ can carry significantly more weight.

With the AXJ you get a mount without limitations which nevertheless is still portable and, thanks to the superb build quality, will be your life-long friend. The bottom line is that it’s worth paying the extra for a Vixen mount because of its superior quality.

Special features of the AXJ mount:

  • +/-4.0 arcseconds with V-PEC: In general, periodic error in mounts are measured and corrected by the user. The old Star Book did not permanently store this error, in the Star Book Ten control this issue has been resolved. The periodic error of the mount is measured in the factory (in total 12 points per 30 degrees worm gear) and corrected before dispatch. This is called V-PEC and works automatically as soon as you put the mount into operation. You can achieve an accuracy of +/- 4.0 arcseconds. You can also further increase the tracking accuracy by saving your own recorded periodic error.
  • The drive system prevents play and reduces noise levels. Vixen uses a belt-drive system in the AXJ mount ensuring it achieves a fast response time and very little play (backlash). The noise level is especially low.
  • 14 bearings: the moving parts of the AXJ mount have in total of 14 bearings. These bearings are effectively in use both for the right ascension and declination axes as well as for the bearing shaft for the worm gear.
  • Polar elevation setting (Variable fork fix type): the AXJ mount latitude adjustment can be set to between 0� and 70�, divided into three zones (high, middle and low altitude), and adjustable +/- 15� per zone. The altitude scale is divided into 5� increments. There are two large clamping screws for fine adjustments. (Approximately 0.7� per revolution).
  • Polar finder scope with reference star setting: the 6�20 polar finder comes pre-installed. With this you can set up the polar alignment in both the northern and the southern hemispheres: 8� field of view, 3-star alignment system, positioning accuracy within 3 arcminutes. This polar finder has a variable illuminated reticle with automatic shut-off function. The brightness is adjustable in eight steps so that the user can select their preferred brightness. By pressing the button the dark field illumination (red LED) is activated. The illumination is switched off automatically after a few minutes to conserve battery life.
  • The mount head: the AXJ mount head consists of a scratch-resistant anodized aluminum plate. There are threaded holes (M8 x8, 5/16" x4) on the mounting head to enable prism clamps even from other manufacturers to be attached. In the accessories section you can find suitable installation options from Vixen: use Vixen Prismes borne for a simple telescope connection or Vixen Platine trépied AXD, if you want to mount two optics (e.g. a guiding scope) in parallel.
  • Carrying capacity up to 22 kg: two sets of bearing are used for the right ascension axis shaft. With the newly developed EQ design the AXJ mount load capacity has been increased in order to withstand a payload of 22kg. Since the motors, worm shaft and worm gear are arranged in the lower part of the mount, it requires less counterweight than other mounts.
  • Retractable counterweight shaft: The 25 millimetre thick retractable counterweight shaft is made of stainless steel (compatible with the counterweight of the AXD II mount). This counterweight shaft is tucked inside the declination axis body to ensure ease of transportation
  • Accessory shoe for a compass: for a simple and fast polar alignment the Viseur polaire Vixen Boussole QPL Polarie can be slipped onto this shoe.

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