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Monture Skywatcher EQM-35 PRO SynScan GoTo

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Monture Skywatcher EQM-35 PRO SynScan GoTo
Monture Skywatcher EQM-35 PRO SynScan GoTo
Monture Skywatcher EQM-35 PRO SynScan GoTo
Description du produit
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Description du produit :

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The Sky-Watcher EQM-35 PRO Synscan Modular Equatorial Mount offers the versatility of two mounts in one! A normal Go-To equatorial mount and a lightweight photo imaging mount, which is convenient for travelling.

In standard configuration mode with DEC and RA axes, you can use it as a normal Synscan™ equatorial mount with computerised Go-To and tracking in both axes with access to 42,900+ objects in the Synscan™ handset's database. The payload capacity for visual use is an impressive 10kg in this configuration.

For travelling you can remove the DEC Axis together with the heavy counterweight shaft and counterweights, reducing the instrument's weight considerably. In this configuration you can use a simple 45mm dovetail plate with tripod screw (not supplied) and fit your camera directly using a ball head (not supplied). Alternatively a DSLR can be mounted to a Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer L-Bracket (not supplied). With the DEC axis removed the mount only tracks in RA and you can easily take photos. Now the mount works in a similar way to the Star Adventurer mount, but heavier duty.

The mount head bears some cosmetic similarity to the EQ3 PRO but it has much improved features and performance. For example the mount is equipped with a large 92.5 mm diameter RA worm wheel with 180 teeth for high precision tracking (compared to 130 teeth for the EQ3). Also the strength of the rotary base has been increased. This results in much greater stability, higher payload capacity and less vibration. Through this the periodic error is also greatly improved.

The EQM-35 PRO SynScan is a conveniently sized mount with impressive features suitable for both novice & experienced astronomers alike, for both visual and imaging use.

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