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Caméra Apogee Aspen CG230 grade 1 Mono

N° d'article : 53243
Fabricant : Apogee

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Caméra Apogee Aspen CG230 grade 1 Mono
Caméra Apogee Aspen CG230 grade 1 Mono
Caméra Apogee Aspen CG230 grade 1 Mono
Caméra Apogee Aspen CG230 grade 1 Mono
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Description du produit :

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Ideally suited to challenging astronomy and physical science imaging applications, the Apogee Aspen family offers a range of popular full frame and interline CCD sensors, within a camera platform that is designed to push performance to the maximum.

  • Deep thermoelectric cooling ensures optimal sensitivity for long exposure applications.
  • The simple convenience of a USB 2.0 interface is accompanied by an Ethernet network interface with a built-in web server.
  • The Apogee Aspen also utilizes a new extremely high reliability shutter, specified for >5 million shutter cycles.

The Aspen CG230 uses a large format 4.2 megapixel back-illuminated sensor with large 15 µm pixels and very high QE (96% @ 550nm) to maximize sensitivity. Cooling down to 60°C below ambient results in a low dark current contribution. These features make the Aspen CG230 an ideal solution for applications requiring both a large field of view and optimal signal to noise ratio, such as sky surveys and radiology.

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