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Monture TeleVue Panoramic Advanced AZ Sky Tour

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Monture TeleVue Panoramic Advanced AZ Sky Tour
Monture TeleVue Panoramic Advanced AZ Sky Tour
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Description du produit :

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The most travel friendly mount for our smaller scopes.

For more rigidity under heavier loads, the Tele-Pod head is attached to ash wood legs and tray to become the Panoramic™ mount. It places the scope approximately 2.3- to 4-feet above the ground.

What’s new is the high-quality ash wood Berlebach tripod and wood tray. The legs are crafted from solid wood. The wood triangular accessory quickly attaches to leg spreaders with one attachment knob. As before, the rubber tips on the legs can be retracted to reveal metal spikes.

Sky Tour Computer: Add "brains" to your Tele Vue mount.

  • A simple phone plug connects the computer to the Tele Vue mount. Turn Sky Tour on, align the marks on the mount head, sight two known stars from a choice of 31 and Sky Tour is ready to lead you on your evening's journey outside the Solar System. If you need Sky Tour to find the planets, input the current date choose your planetary target. A little familiarity with the stars, and the alignment will take slightly longer than it did to read this paragraph!
  • Sky Tour's functions are organized into nine "modes." They are: Star Fix, RA DEC, Catalog, Guide, Align, Identify, Timer, Install, and Encoder. Once Sky Tour is aligned, you'll enter the Catalog mode and choose an object to view. Catalog mode displays location, brightness, size and other object information, including the chart number that contains the object in the popular Sky Atlas 2000.0 star atlas! Then switch to Guide mode to show you the direction to move the scope in order to center the selected object. Finding over 2000 objects is as simple as that!
  • Sky Tour also gives you digital setting circles by converting Alt/Az positioning into Right Ascension and declination. The RA DEC mode lets you hunt for any object in the sky just by looking up its RA and DEC position.

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