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Springer Buch Video Astronomy on the Go

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Using Video Cameras With Small Telescopes

  • Provides fully up-to-date information for this growing trend in astronomy observing
  • Offers explicit directions for setting up and configuring video astronomy equipment
  • Ideal for those who do astronomy outreach, deal with urban light pollution, or wish to do easily portable imaging

Author Joseph Ashley explains video astronomy's many benefits in this comprehensive reference guide for amateurs. Video astronomy offers a wonderful way to see objects in far greater detail than is possible through an eyepiece, and the ability to use the modern, entry-level video camera to image deep space objects is a wonderful development for urban astronomers in particular, as it helps sidestep the issue of light pollution.

The author addresses both the positive attributes of these cameras for deep space imaging as well as the limitations, such as amp glow. The equipment needed for imaging as well as how it is configured is identified with hook-up diagrams and photographs. Imaging techniques are discussed together with image processing (stacking and image enhancement). Video astronomy has evolved to offer great results and great ease of use, and both novices and more experienced amateurs can use this book to find the set-up that works best for them. Flexible and portable, they open up a whole new way of seeing space.