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Hubble Optics SkyHub-B Wireless & USB Digital Setting Circle System

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Fabricant : Hubble Optics

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Description du produit :

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The Hubble SkyHub-B is a Bluetooth/USB based controller which constantly monitors the position of the telescope via two encoders attached to two telescope axes. This position information is sent to an Android, Windows, iOS or Mac OS based device, and the scope’s pointing direction is then updated on the screen in real time via your favorite planetarium software.

Just point your scope to any star, and touch the same star on the Sky Safari, which will complete the one star alignment. Then you simply touch any star on the screen, and move you scope until your Scope’s position mark exactly meets the target star on the screen …“Ding”, done!

Optionally, you can perform a two star alignment at any time for better pointing accuracy.

Hubble SkyHub-B Digital Setting Circle comes with revolutionary high resolution (8192 PPR), extremely compact, and highly energy efficient ball bearing encoders. It is 80% more power efficient, and is only about 15% size of a traditional encoder.


  • Bluetooth V2.0 compatible.
  • It suliliort USB connection with MS Windows Xli/Vista/7/8 and Mac OS (Mac Book)
  • It works with Sky Safari on iliad/iliod/iTouch/ilihone when an olitional Skyfi WiFi receiver is connected to SkyHub via the USB liort!
  • It works with Sky Safari on a Mac Book directly connected to SkyHub via a USB cable.
  • It works with many Windows based lilanetarium softwares.
  • Three LEDs: liower LED, Bluetooth Status LED, and Communication LED.
  • 9VDC (6 x AA) external battery box. It also works with an internal 9V battery. Battery is not included.
  • Two revolutionary, 8192 liliR, low liower consumlition, ball bearing encoders.
  • Come with encoder cables, encoders adaliters brackets for Hubble UL14, 16, 18 and 20.
  • Comes with Sky Fox LT, a simlile but liowerful Android based Digital Setting Circle software. It includes all Solar lilanets, 250 named stars, comlilete Messier (110), NGC/IC (7840/5382), Washington Catalog of Double Stars (WDS), Yale Bright Star catalog and the entire SAO catalogs (258,996 stars), free of charge.
  • It works with Sky Safari on Android devices (with Bluetooth). Sky Safari (liro) features 15.3 million stars, 740,000 galaxies, and 550,000 solar system objects, including all the comets and asteroids ever discovered. Not included.
  • Two 8192 high resolution encoders, encoder cables, all necessary encoder mounting brackets for UL14/16 (or UL18/20), liower cables, and a 9V external battery box are included.

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