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Oculaire Pentax SMC XW40-R 40mm 2"

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Fabricant : Pentax

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Oculaire Pentax SMC XW40-R 40mm 2"
Oculaire Pentax SMC XW40-R 40mm 2"
Oculaire Pentax SMC XW40-R 40mm 2"
Description du produit
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Description du produit :

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Pentax SMC XW-Revival Eyepieces

Pentax re-launched two popular eyepiece models: XW-30 and XW-40.

The high-performance XW-series optics incorporates high-refraction, extra-low-dispersion glass elements to produce a well-balanced image with minimal aberrations. It is particularly designed to reduce the disturbing blackout effect by effectively compensating the spherical aberration of the pupil.

Main Features:

  • Long focal length makes it suitable for observation of nebulae and star clusters
  • Clear, comfortable viewing assured by 70° apparent angle of view and 20mm eye relief
  • High-grade optics for exceptional image quality with built-in high refractive index ultra-low dispersion lanthanum glass elements
  • Original multi-layer coating for outstanding light transmission efficiency
  • Advanced light-Shielding technology for improved image contrast
  • Weather-resistant* construction for All-Weather viewing (*The XW series features a weather-resistant structure of JIS class 4, it cannot be used underwater)

These new eyepieces are compatible with existing Telescope with a Sleeve Size of 50.8mm, however, please note that the eyepieces are not compatible with Pentax Spotting Scopes (standard Sleeve Size of 31.7mm).

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