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K+R Boussole à miroir SPECIAL

N° d'article : 47879
Fabricant : K+R

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Description du produit :

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The Mirror Compass suitable for basic orientation. Ideally it is suitable for climbing and water sports. Bearing the direction the needle can always be kept in perspective, in doing so the mirror must be unfolded. The mirror compass is perfectly suited for the cards work. It has a transparent base plate and a transparent fluid-filled capsule. Through the mirror creates an extremely long unfolded edge for the marking of directions on the map. It has a reading accuracy of 1.0 ° and is easy to use.

Mirror Compass SPECIAL

  • Classic hiking compass
  • Case and lid made from black plastic, shock resistant
  • Fluid-filled capsule with sapphire bearing
  • Base of capsule transparent with N/S and E/W lines Combination 64’ scale (every mil marked) and 360° (every fifth degree marked)
  • Lid with inside mirror
  • Made in Germany
  • Cm/inch ruler
  • Direction markings,needle tip luminescent
  • Ring
  • Unit size 75 x 60 x 20 mm
  • Weight 39 g

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