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Globe à relief AstroReality LUNAR Regular

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Fabricant : AstroReality

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Globe à relief AstroReality LUNAR Regular
Globe à relief AstroReality LUNAR Regular
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Description du produit :

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Smaller LUNAR, same stunning design

With the LUNAR Regular, you can explore the Moon in the palm of your hand. Through the AstroReality app and its Augmented Reality function, LUNAR Regular provides you the sight, sound, and touch of the Moon. It takes learning about the Moon into the crossroad of art and science.

Landscape: Your LUNAR Regular will feature the Moon's seas, craters, and dead volcanoes in stunning detail.

Coolest Gadget on Your Desk: A super cool conversation piece at home and on an office desk. Besides your laptop, smartphone, tablet, what else looks great on your desk? Definitely an amazingly realistic Moon.

Creation: The creation of the LUNAR Regular begins with the latest in 3D printing technology. This world’s first lunar smart model features a high-resolution topography, where each topographic feature, each crater, is perfected by hand before it is finished with hand applied colors and a safe, protective coating.

With the advent of science, what began as a spectacle to behold with our eyes became lunettes, telescopes, satellites and finally the space program. Now it’s time to bring Moon exploration in front of you and make it come alive with Augmented Reality.

You can use the augmented reality app to explore amazing landmarks on the LUNAR Regular model. You’ll do this with the beauty of the galaxy as your background and stunning representations of the sun and Earth providing spatial context. The model is 80mm in diameter and has a weight of 325g.

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