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Cambridge University Press Buch Meteorites

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Meteorite research is fundamental to our understanding of the origin and early history of the Solar System. Some meteorites were produced by melting on asteroids, a few are from the Moon and others are martian. Their study yields a chronology of the first 100 million years of Solar System history and provides evidence that our Sun went through a highly radiative, T Tauri stage. This book considers the mechanism and timing of core formation and basaltic volcanism on asteroids and the effects of heating water-rich bodies. Results from meteorite research are placed in a galactic setting, and a theory is proposed for the origin of the planets of our Solar System. This advanced yet succinct introduction provides a classification of meteorites and discusses their ages and origin. It will be valuable to graduate students and scientists in astrophysics, space research, cosmochemistry, geochemistry, isotope geology and earth and planetary sciences.

• Introduces meteorites at an advanced level • Makes developments in the study of meteorites intelligible to scientists in a variety of fields • Covers the age, origin and earliest history of planets, and core formation on asteroids

Preface; Acknowledgements; 1. Introduction; 2. The chondrites: chemistry and classification; 3. The components of chondrites; 4. Petrography of the chondrites I: carbonaceous chondrites; 5. Petrography of the chondrites II: non-carbonaceous chondrites; 6. Time in the evolution of chondrites; 7. Origin of chondrites and their components; 8. Differentiated meteorites I: primitive achondrites, ureilites and aubrites; 9. Differentiated meteorites II: asteroidal, lunar and Martian basaltic meteorites; 10. Differentiated meteorites III: iron and stony iron meteorites; 11. Parent body processes and petrogenetic associations; 12. Origin of Solar System planets: a meteoriticist's view; Glossary; Bibliography; Index of meteorite names; General index.

‘Graduate students and researchers with geologic training will find Meteorites an invaluable reference for concise distillations of the essential properties of each meteorite group. … This book pays appropriate homage to the extraordinary treasure trove that falls out of the sky and into our laboratories.' Rhian Jones, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, University of New Mexico

'Hutchison's book will serve as an invaluable reference for anyone wanting to understand the diversity of meteorites.' Geological Magazine