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Meade Renvoi coudé redresseur Amici 45° 1,25" pour ETX-60, ETX-70 et ETX-80

N° d'article : 47681
Fabricant : Meade

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Description du produit :

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Image Erecting Prism for ETX-60, ETX-70 and ETX-80 Models

Produces a correctly oriented image and convenient 45° observing angle for terrestrial observations. A great item for a home with a view or nature watching.

All ETX-60, ETX-70 and ETX-80 models feature an internal flip mirror to reflect light to the telescope’s convnient 90° astronomical observing position. In this position the telescope’s image is upright, but mirror reversed left to right. While this is normal and poses no problem for astronomy, for terrestrial observing a corrected image is highly desirable which is where this useful accessory comes in.

For observing wildlife, a home with a view, or other Earthly applications the Erecting Prism results in an image both right side up and corrected left to right. It also provides a comfortable 45° observing angle which is more convenient for daytime work. Threads securely onto the rear photo port of the telescope.

Note: not compatible with ETX-90 or ETX-125, see item Meade Amici prisme 45° 1.25" pour ETX-90/105/125 for these models.

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