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Sky Publishing Buch Binocular Highlights

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Sky Publishing Buch Binocular Highlights
Sky Publishing Buch Binocular Highlights
Sky Publishing Buch Binocular Highlights
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Exploring the wonders of the cosmos doesn't require expensive and complicated equipment—the moons of Jupiter, breathtaking nebulae, and distant galaxies can all be seen through binoculars.

Fully updated and featuring 10 new entries, this revised edition of Binocular Highlights is a tour of 109 different celestial sights—from softly glowing clouds of gas and dust to unusual stars, clumps of stars, and vast star cities (galaxies)—all visible in binoculars. Each object is plotted on a detailed, easy-to-use star map, and most of these sights can be found even in a light-polluted sky. Also included are four seasonal all-sky charts that help locate each highlight.

If you don’t own binoculars, Binocular Highlights explains what to look for when choosing a pair for stargazing and provides observing tips for users of these versatile and portable mini-telescopes.

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