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Cambridge University Press Buch Light Curves of Variable Stars

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This unique volume provides a complete reference on variable stars. It presents a wealth of typical light- and colour-curves to allow identification, together with a detailed and up-to-date description of each subclass. The editors, together with seven other world experts, have created a unique pictorial atlas of variable stars. In the first chapter they give a clear introduction to the nomenclature and classification of the light curves of variable stars, and to photometric systems. In the remaining chapters they provide a detailed account of each subclass: from eruptive, pulsating, rotating and cataclysmic variables, through to eclipsing-binary systems and X-ray binaries. Specific variable stars, types and classes of variables, together with key astrophysical terms can be quickly and easily located in the book by means of detailed object-name and subject indexes. This comprehensive and up-to-date volume provides an essential reference for all those interested in variable stars - from researchers and graduate students through to dedicated amateurs.

• The most complete and up-to-date reference volume available on variable stars, their classification and properties • An unparalleled reference for all those interested in variable stars - from researchers and graduate students to dedicated amateur astronomers
• Includes many previously unpublished results
• Up to date and comprehensive, from a team of world authorities


List of contributors; Preface; Acknowledgments; 1. Introduction; 2. Eruptive variables; 3. Pulsating variables; 4. Rotating variables; 5. Cataclysmic (explosive and nova-like) variables; 6. Eclipsing binary systems; 7. X-ray binaries; References; Addresses of interest; Abbreviations of constellation names; Julian dates; Compendium of variable star newsletters; Subject index; Object index.


‘In conclusion, this is an advanced (graduate/research) level text which should belong in all astronomy libraries, and really succeeds in its declared aim.’ Phil Charles, Astronomy Now

‘ … an extremely useful reference guide to both graduate students and the well informed amateur.’ Gary Poyner, Journal of the British Astronomical Association

‘What a splendid idea! This book fills a real gap in the literature and will be required reading for all those interested in variable stars … This book should become a standard work.’ Tim Lloyd Evans, The Observatory

‘ … the book does contain some of the best available plotted variable star data … a useful reference for a wide readership.’ Irish Astronomical Journal

‘ … a book of great value to all interested in variable stars … I know that I shall be referring to my copy frequently and heartily recommend it.’ Albert Jones, Southern Stars

'…the authors have complied a compendium of characteristic light curves to help classification…It is very handy to have all this information in one place.' American Association of Variable Star Observers Bookstore


Hilmar W. Duerbeck, Michael W. Feast, Douglas S. Hall, Carlos Jaschek, Gerard Jasniewcz, Joachim Krautter, Christiaan Sterken, Nikolaus Vogt, Patricia A. Whitelock

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