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Freemedia Sirius - Carte céleste, grand modèle

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Freemedia Sirius - Carte céleste, grand modèle
Freemedia Sirius - Carte céleste, grand modèle
Freemedia Sirius - Carte céleste, grand modèle
Freemedia Sirius - Carte céleste, grand modèle
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Function and features

The rotating star map used for orientation in the night sky and for solving complex astronomical problems. Front and back of the large map out together comprise the northern and the southern hemisphere of the sky with an overlap of each 54 ° declination on the celestial equator. Sorry, all the stars of the magnitude -1.6 (Sirius) to +6.0 or total 2796 stars in 88 constellations.

The star map

It consists of the three colored base sheet, the rotatable transparent cover sheet and the rotary pointer and gives the view from below into the imaginary spherical heavens.
This is illustrated in the azimuthal equidistant to the planar surface of the paper. This is indicated by the uniform, that is not outwardly increasing red division on the declination of the pointer. As a result of this projection, the constellations against the back edge of the map are listed noticeable.
The star map also contains hundreds of special objects for observation with binoculars or telescope as well as the lifelike image of the Milky Way. The stars are shown as black discs in a continuous gradation according to their size or apparent visual magnitude.

The unit is supplied including a detailed instruction manual, a supplement to the moon sheet with detailed map and index of names, a leaflet, the stars, planets, and a current board.

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